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Examination and promotion rules

  1. Progress of the students will be assessed on the basis of Unit Test and Terminal Examination. The marks obtained in these tests will be taken into consideration at the time of determining annual promotion.
  2. Moreover, internal assessment tests are conducted from time to time with or without prior notice after completion of each unit to maintain readiness during the whole academic year.
  3. The exact date of examination is to notified 15 days prior to the commencement of the examination and the result will be communicated to the concerned parents within 2 weeks from the date of examination through Progress Reports.
  4. Results once declared by the academic committee shall be final and binding to all.
  5. Examination answer paper of terminal exams will be shown to the parents in meeting after the examination.
  6. Any absence from Unit Test / Terminal examination should be substantiated with valid reason, otherwise the pupil will not be allowed to the re-examination.
  7. Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s work. The annual exam is a mean to reaffirm results of a full year's work.



School Infrastructure

  • A beautiful green campus with spacious class room
  • The school has a well equipped library which is used for developing reading habits among students and teachers.
  • A computer center with latest hardware and software.
  • Play ground with adequate facilities.

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