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Parental cooperation

  1. Parents are required to look into their child’s School Diary everyday and see that the lessons and the homework assigned for the next day are done regularly.
  2. Remarks made in the School Diary should be acknowledged and countersigned regularly by parents.
  3. If you feel that your child is not making the desired progress, please make it a point to discuss it with the Principal and the class teacher and the subject teacher.
  4. Criticism of a student’s teacher or his school in the presence of the child should be avoided because it may cause the student to lose respect for this teacher and the school. Any difficulties should be discussed with the teacher or the principal.
  5. Parents are not allowed to meet their children or their teachers during school hours without prior permission of the Principal.
  6. Parents are requested to inform the School of any change of address.
  7. Parents are required to send their children to school on time.
  8. Presence of every child in the assembly is compulsory.
  9. No sick child may be sent to school with medicines to be taken during school hours.
  10. Children will not be allowed to go home from school in between school hours.
  11. Please ensure that your child takes part in all the activities of the School.
  12. Encourage your child to speak in English / Hindi at School as well as home.
  13. Parents are requested to send their child without any ornament or jewelry.




School Infrastructure

  • A beautiful green campus with spacious class room
  • The school has a well equipped library which is used for developing reading habits among students and teachers.
  • A computer center with latest hardware and software.
  • Play ground with adequate facilities.

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